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How Does Feeld Work? | What It Is & How To Use It In 2022

How Does Feeld Work? | What It Is & How To Use It In 2022

And, admittedly, it does facilitate threesomes and polyamory really well which is great given the reported post-pandemic spike in threesomes!

However, Feeld does a lot more than just hook up couples who want a third with people who want to be a third.

In fact, Feeld is kind of revolutionizing the queer and kink dating scene. The app makes it easy for (mostly millennial and gen z) kinksters, queer people, and anyone who thinks they might want to dip a toe in either camp, to be more adventurous.

Basically, its an inclusive app (including kink inclusive) that doesnt make things creepy. Youre free to share what you like, and all genders and sexualities are welcome but… how can I put this… well… Feeld isnt cringe.

How Does Feeld Work?

One of the biggest pros of using Feeld over other sites for dating as a couple or with a kink in mind is that its an easy-to-download swiping app just like the ones we love: Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc.

Its familiar and its easy to use and its stylishly designed with the end-user in mind. Feeld has taken a little while to catch on it was originally released in 2014 as 3nder, changing its name in 2016 after a legal dispute with Tinder.

Frankly, I think Tinder did them a favor. Not sure Id spend much time on 3nder. And how do you say it? Three-n-der? Ender? Whats it ending?

Come on branding team. Youre literally trying to sell an opportunity to have threesomes and somehow totally messing it up…

No, Feeld is much better! And its clean ‘I am a dating app red logo makes it easy to identify too on your phone and other peoples!

So, Feeld is a swiping app. Thats how it works. You can like or dislike other users by hitting heart or minus buttons in the bottom left of your screen swiping through profiles doesnt mean youre saying bye forever, just that minus button does. You can swipe back in fact, if you missed someone on your feed that you like the look of.

Couples On Feeld

Feeld might be known as the threesomes app because it allows couples to set up two separate profiles and link them.

This is an option if youre only looking to play together, or if you are open to solo adventures as well as working as a team!

This is a great addition to the usual ‘couples profile option, as it means you can both be signed in individually, making your own connections in your own time.

Setting Up An Account On Feeld

Set-up is easy on Feeld. Youll be asked for an ‘imaginary name, although you can absolutely use your real one, and a date of birth.

You can then choose from an incredibly impressive array of genders and gender presentations from just man or woman to transmasc or transfem, trans man or trans woman, genderqueer, gender questioning, even two-spirit is covered! Likewise with sexualities.

Gay, straight, bi, pan, ace, demi… Feeld have you covered! And as 45% of Feeld users identify as something other than heterosexual, you are not alone.

The About section can be up to 1500 words long, but my guess is that is a limit that is rarely hit. Keep it short and sharp, and maybe state what youre looking for. Of course, being funny or cute is also always a plus.

Next, you can select Desires (these are sexual) and interests (these are more like hobbies reading https://datingranking.net/green-dating/, running, knitting, collecting vintage teapots, that sort of thing).

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